Can we PLEASE get a square build area instead of a circle.

I see a potential problem though. Currently, we have a circle with 30 meters diameter (or that feet? doesn't matter for calculations), that's 700 square meters. There are 3 ways they can go about converting it into a square:

  1. circumscribe the square around the circle. That would bump the building area to 900 sq.m. Not gonna happen, and if it would, your neighbors wouldn't be happy.

  2. make the square with the same area as the circle. That would make a 26.5 x 26.5 square with the distance between the most remote points being 37.5, greater than now. Your neighbors still won't be happy.

  3. inscribe the square inside the circle, which would leave us with only 450 sq.m. No one is happy but this sounds like the most Bethesda way to do things.

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