can a pro-snape give me 10 really good reasons on why he was a good person??

I’ll give you one.

Snape didn’t give a shit what Harry or Sirius or Lupin or ANYONE thought. Dumbledore knew who he was and he tried to tell people to trust Snape, but even that didn’t matter. Snape didn’t need to prove himself to them. His disdain for them was so real and deserved, if you ask me. Snape knew who and what he was and that ENOUGH. No matter what - Snape did the right thing by the woman he loved even though she married another man, carried that man’s child, and died. Snape did the right thing by Lilly even though she was dead and gone and was never coming back to see what he did.

Fuck ten reasons. That’s good enough for me.

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