Can we scale back the Stroman hate just a little bit?

People deal in absolutes and sometimes that happens to be correct. This is one of those times

get off your fucking high horse. sometimes good people do bad things, and vice versa. no, it is simply not correct to make the claim that absolutely stroman is a morally bad person for cropping his dog's ears. nor is cropping a dog's ears an absolutely immoral decision. this ignores reality, which is filled with context. if you're going to make this claim, you open up pandora's box.

the hypocrisy in this sub completely falls on deaf ears. i'm willing to bet we've all done made some immoral decisions, some of which have likely been worse than cropping a dog's ears. if you've ever used someone as a means to an end in any non-trivial capacity, then your actions are likely worse than cropping a dog's ears. yet you wouldn't want to be (and wouldn't deserve to be) vilified by thousands of people on the internet. for all the talk about the importance of mental health in 2019, you'd think we'd be better than to make attempts to destroy a person's worth over some bad decisions.

i firmly believe if you are making the decision to hate stroman after this act, then you were looking, whether consciously or subconsciously, for a reason to hate him.

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