Can we get skeletel dragon to please be classified as undead as well as a dragon?

I might as well clarify all of this because I am just sick of reading this nonsense. I am Dark Sorcerer, formerly ChoateTESL. I wrote:

I also wrote the recent midrange sorcerer guide that made it to the frontpage. I am such an awful person, you are right! /sarcasm

I don't care whether I post good or bad. I just post whatever my heart feels content posting. I generally post things that benefit the community. I don't feel like what I posted was wrong in this thread, so why would I try to hide my opinion under a secondary account? I have nothing to prove, and nothing to lose. It is literally my opinion on Dawnbreaker being perfectly fine. And I think its a perfectly legitimate opinion.

I am a web developer and have drummed up a lot of work for myself this past month, so I simply try to limit my time with all forms of social media, which I find are huge distractions. To me, there is no benefit to keeping a long term reddit account, when you can create an account just as fast as you can log in.

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