Can someone ELI5 the controversial Indiana religious freedom bill and what it means and doesn't mean for Catholic people and their businesses/institutions?

No, it's one group and not another. The activity is the same.

Yes, and all photography is the same. And all medical procedures are the same. Except it's not. The context of the event is absolutely vital to our determination as to whether we agree or disagree with the activity. And as I've already explained, the group could be identical in a gay marriage and a straight marriage. An example. Two gay people get married: one man and one woman. Both could be gay. The caterer would not object to this wedding, even though it consists of only gay people. Similarly, you could have a wedding between two straight men, and the caterer would object. The only difference between the two events is whether it's the marriage of people of the same sex. The people, the group doesn't matter.

Are you saying that you are gay but married to someone of the opposite sex? And you think that straight people (often?)marry the same sex?

I'm gay and choose not marry someone of the same sex. Gay marriage doesn't flow from my being gay. The one is not the other.

I reject the difference because I think it's contrived. I am not trying to create a narrative, I think you are trying to create a narrative. I think you create this duality because it suits your needs. You seem accepting of marriages in general - white marriages, Asian marriages, Indian marriages, but gay marriages is one step too far.

Because the marriages between the races, it's a union of people of the opposite sex, and this isn't?

Are you really arguing that your desire to shun gay marriage ceremonies is in any way respectful to them? You write that I am saying offensive baseless things, but I am at a loss to describe this behavior in positive terms. How would you like me to describe this behavior toward gay marriage?

We all make judgments on activities. You may think a polygamous marriage is wrong. You may think and incestuous marriage is wrong. I have no obligation, nor do you, to "respect" something you consider immoral in the sense that you have to say it's okay or participate in the thing. I don't think anti-black rallies are good or moral. I still respect that someone may want to have one. But I do not respect them as moral. Moreover, I should not have to participate in one just because someone comes and requests that I do, even if I'm a rally organizer. I would do other rallies, and in certain cases I mean even do a pro-black rally. I will discriminate between the two types of rallies.

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