Can someone explain the "forced 50% winrate" to me as well as the reasoning behind it?

I wonder if the overall short match times have anything to do with it. In CS:GO people would be real stupid to try and completely waste up to 90 minutes of their life by just goofing around.

On top of that, a longer match time will grant you a lot better chance to turn the tide as well as it would take more effort for the winning team to actually prove they can keep dominating and not just had a lucky start (especially since so many people tilt and give up after a first failed push).

Another thing CS:GO is definitely doing better is how much control you have ingame simply is that you can instantly get rid of toxic players by votekicking them. I'm aware this is not possible in OW, but it gives you so much more control over the odds of winning too.

I'd even be fine with how OW is right now IF I would have the option to actually avoid certain players. It would inrease my overall competitive experience by A LOT.

Having no control over anything really just feels so frustrating.

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