Can someone explain why Lazar is generally discredited here?

Ok I had to sign up again for this one.


  • Why could he have done the original (altered voice and silhouette) interview? Just for fun?
  • Why the continue with the scam?
  • Has anyone with a physics degree disproved Lazar or put him to the test in all the years ?
  • What about his friends. Could they be in on it if it's a just a massive joke?
  • It's without a doubt possible do delete someone out of existence if needed. But why doesn't Bob himself have his MIT degree at home?
  • Why does the "sports model" look like the Billy Meier "beam ship"?

What is irrelevant:

  • Elements 115 - That he "knew" it will "exist" like Jeremy Corbell always brings up as "proof"
  • That his friends (Gene Huff, John Lear) say he's legit. - Lear of course does not discriminate too much between fact or fiction. And we don't know a lot about Gene Huff.
  • That he "knew" the "ufo flight schedule" - according to his friends
  • The "raids" - We don't know why they occurred
  • The "vapor chamber experiment" video in grandiose 80s home video quality
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