Can someone help me out please

I,m no pro but here my tips:

Hunter (poisonous):

Dinomacy is just bad, hunter doenst have the tools to be a value class yet, plus hitting for 2 avery turn is a great thing if you're trying to end the game.

Bloodfen Raptor isnt horrible, but if you have a crab it might be better.

The 2 poisonos beasts, it's cool. im sure you'll have fun killing some big stuff.

Since you're already playing some tokens (eggnapper, wolf, rat pack,..) I'd play Scavenging Hyena to steal away some games.

Also you play secrets, Eaglehorn Bow might be nice to push some damage or gain board control (even without secrets is good).

Hunter (other one):

Ehm, this one is already better.

Again, it might be my opinion but Dinomacy just doesnt work with the Hunter "style".

1x Hunter's Mark is already enough.

Smuggler's Run, you're almost sure to hit a 1-drop in your starting hand, play that. If you draw this in the late it won't have big impact.


It's fine.

Steam surger isnt really an amazing card, I wouldnt play Babbling book and i dont know about the late game since i've never played Elemental mage.

Tol'vir has been played in Elemental Shaman, Tar creeper is a good card against aggro, firefly assures you cheap elementals to play each turn, if activated Blazecaller gets a lot of value (dealing 5 in the late is also Firelands portal work so..idk).

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