Can someone lead me to theories on Troy?

I've always believed in the "normal" version of Troy, but with a deeper history behind it from both sides...Troy being survivors of an old ancient civilization that settled in places like Turkey, after migrating southward from the North during the Copper Age. These "Trojans" in my theory could be related to the same people who once built Gobekli Tepe and taught the local Hunter Gatherers...I personally think they were related to the Hyperboreans, which could explain the strong Apollo worship. Maybe this was a region that Apollo would stop at in his famous wanderings and teachings throughout the years. That could also be an allegory for a culture that settled there. This would also explain things like the myth of Cybele and her cult wandering around teaching people the god's way of life or whatever. We see statues like this(which was only from like 50 AD):

resemble statues from 6000 BC in the same region:Çatalhöyük

Both of these statues may connect even older to the "Venus Culture" across Eurasia. I saw a mention of matriarchal-ness of Troy, this could be connected as well.

Anyway, the Greeks/Achaeans in the Trojan War are likely, in my eyes anyway, to be one and the same with the "Sea People", who were settling all over the Eastern Mediterranean around that time and destroying previous civilizations. We don't see any reference to these invasions in the early Iron Age by the Greeks, so I think that they were the surviving settling culture..this was also called the "Return of the Heraclydes", we know that Hercules made a lot of journeys to Hyperborea and similar mythical lands, so this more deeply connects the relationship between the Heraclyde Achaeans and the Apollo worshipping Trojans.

Ancient Eurasia was also way more covered by rivers and lakes, remnants of the Ice Age meltwater and lake systems that were slowly drying up. Some theorize that these water systems were once connected and could be reached by from the Meditereanean and in turn, the rest of the world. So the Trojans and Greeks could have settles in places that are not necessarily by the water today, but could have been a bigger part of "Trojan" civilization. I sometimes wonder if this connects them to other ancient walled cities near water at the same time, such as Arkaim.

Anyway again, you also find these "Troy Town" designs/icons, as they are called, all over Europe(West & East &North & South) and Russia, even down to India, the Middle East and Siberia. I always wonder why these designs were called "Troy Towns", similarly there are rumors of Trojan survivors(or maybe related Trojans from an older civilization) founding all sorts of major cities like Rome and London. This could imply the Trojans were more global.

I think the Sea People were more over a later, Atlantis influenced strain of European or Romantic Steppe and Mediterraneans people as well. And Trojans were survivors of a much older, well resourced "Hyperborean" for lack of better word civilization. Both were related to each other, via the "gods", hence the tragedy and all the "brother" talk, but had grown apart during all the catastrophes from the End of the Ice Age till the Iron Age.

It seems like Trojan culture and similar ones that were lost in the "Aegean apocalypse" time period were dramatically weakened by a changing environment, the same one that pushed the Acheaeans to butt heads with Trojans, and the Sea People to resettle in more southern regions.

And I think the "Odyssey" took place in the Atlantic, "Ogygia" and other islands being remnants of the flooded Atlantis civilization. But that;s a post for another topic lol.

That's about all I have to say on this fer now.

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