Can someone give me a TLDR of what conservatives are trying to tell me when they say Hunter Biden's laptop is real?

The business deal fell through, and also joe wasn’t in office. He was just a former VP. Lying about it wouldn’t be good, but I feel like the scandal misses me somewhat. Like what’s wrong with having a failed business deal in china as a private citizen?

Of course there are issues with Hunter Biden's behaviour. It's completely reasonable to say that Hunter Biden's career was only possible because of who his father was. How did he come to be the vice president of a bank at the age of 28? Is it acceptable for the child of a sitting senator to be a lobbyist? What was he doing on the board of a Ukranian gas company, given resource extraction in post-Soviet states is a notoriously corrupt business?

To be clear, the claims of illegality and the various conspiracy theories regarding Hunter Biden and his laptop etc are complete bullshit. But it's not fair to say "well he was a private citizen, it's none of our business". It's fair to ask whether Hunter used his last name to make his career. That's not illegal, but it's certainly unethical, and furthermore the general public really hate that shit. This kind of low level, legal corruption is all over Washington and is a major reason why people think that politicans are all corrupt, even when they're people like Joe Biden, who is personally clean.

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