Can someone please provide some explanation or analysis over what the hell is wrong with the men in Japan, and what exactly happened to them?

The conundrum of employed or underemployed herbivore men is that while they have an economic impact (much less than that of women who go into debt to support their lifestyles) they are choosing not to breed.

From a biological and economic standpoint these men have broadcasted their one time utility status and thus opened themselves up to attack. No one has any incentive to even pretend to give a shit about them, and feminist rhetoric has the potential to at least have multiple generations of workers and an immediate improvement for birth rates.

Imagine a bunch of Rosie Riveters that weren't even competing with men for the same jobs as most of the men are underemployed and sterile. Are women as good of employees as men? LOL no. Only idiots believe that exceptional women are the norm. But when you have one segment of your population breeding and being productive outside of previous social norms and the other doing less of both, you side with the winners.

TRP is not MR.

I don't default side with men because of some brotherhood, I come to TRP and post because it's one of the few places I can vent the entirety of my views. I'm sick of men raised around feminism and female entitlement displaying those exact same traits and acting like it's a virtue when they do it. The truth is most herbivore men in Japan speak shit English or are even more shit at a third language. Their entire future is attached to Japans success during their life time. They have no one to blame but themselves for remaining at the mercy of a government that doesn't value them.

What can Japan do to reverse the trend and increase their population? Come down hard on loser men, instead of only incentivizing marriage, disincentivize being single. It will affect both genders and women will have to get married if they don't want their economic gains to merely cover childcare. Being an orphan in Japan is a shit lot to have in life, but once women start having male responsibilities they'll have male attitudes towards families and start ditching children. Make it impossible for women to pass the buck. One gender gets stuck with all the consequences of sex, and then they're locked into the workforce for at least the duration of their child's formative years. Force parasite women and herbivore men into economic alliances, if not biologically productive ones.

I think in a lot of ways Japan has sane attitudes towards the sexes and family. Adoption is an alien concept, immigration doesn't serve the current productive population and in the future would add to the problem of overstretched social benefits, men should be men and women should be women. In a lot of ways Japan is full of paper Tigers. They know what they are doing wrong, and behind closed doors they admit it. But they will never admit it publicly or back down from their path.

Japans problem is sackless men and businesses that politicians are merely servants to. Nothing is quite as disheartening as watching a Japanese man attempt to campaign and get yelled at by an elderly couple. Like a guy in a business suit is a homeless bum that just tried to flash them. Another problem is that good breeding has led to a healthy aging population that only exists because they use to work until the day they died.

Seeing older Asians that I know are too young to have fought in a war loafing around on their ass fills me with rage. It's very hard to put into words the sense of entitlement these fuckers exude when you visit their country. It's the quiet alphaness not backed by any merit or action in the course of their life other than blind cultural compliance.

I'm not advocating beating old Japanese men, but I've known a few that could use a beating. Japan has a beta male problem, and it infests the old and young. You can't blame Japanese women for filling that power vacuum.

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