Can someone sue a company like Best Buy in small claims court?

Thanks. So if you don't mind me also asking.

So my bank (Citi) received my dispute in late mid october (~20 days after purchase) -- they reversed the charge and all I provided was a written statement (doesn't allow file upload for some reason)

This week they reversed the credit in best buy's favor and gave me 30 days to offer another written statement of what happened so they can finalize the verdict in either my favor/or BBY. Once more they don't accept uploading files, JPEGs, PDFs, etc (which I have proof of Best Buy's wrongdoing). Would it be best to call them up and say what?

The amount in question is a fraction of what I spend with my Citi card but still a good bit of money and worth my a day or two in court if needed. Would it even be fair to ask Citi to absorb the cost if they become so adamant on siding with BBY in this case. I have the proof to win but they don't accept JPG/PDF (It literally says it in the letter that they have an outdated system)

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