Can someone tell me why the 2X wouldn't have replay protection?

wow .. just wow .. I am an ecommerce merchant and I would not dare put my customers through this convoluted mess .. someone better start doing something to make these cryptos usable for real world applications otherwise this blockchain whohaa is pretty much dead in the water .. these monthly bitcoin blockchain forks have near to trashed any idea I had about accepting bitcoins as payment .. I used to use bitcoin years ago and there was none of this rubbish to contend with .. as far as I am concerned bitcoin is now damaged .. was hoping to be able to start accepting crypto currency as payments but in view of what is going on simply will spare myself the headache and stay with paypal which I have no problem with .. can you imagine dealing with a customer who has lost their coins sending them in good faith to a vendor? .. I am no blockchain analyst and would not have a clue how to help them retrieve their coins and ultimately would get my reputation dented and loose a customer at the very least .. these crypto currency developers have definitely lost the plot now .. real world applications please .. not casino chips!!! .. for what it is worth I upvoted your post .. thanks for the heads up .. this is insanity ..

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