Can someone try to explain what happened to me in the ER?

Listen bro. Most doctors are great. But nurses are a different story.

I was admitted to the ER with severe chest pain, thought I was having a heart attack. I just wanted to know if this was a heart attack, and that was all. I don't like pain meds. Have had weird reactions to them. Almost never take them.

Nurse walks in with a bag and says "I'm" putting you on pain meds. I decline. She insists. I decline.

She leaves in a visible huff. Comes back with a needle to draw blood. Takes 5 minutes poking around in my arm, which was BULGING with visible veins. All I have ever heard, in all of my life, was how easy it was to draw blood from me because of my big veins. She attacks and attacks as f she was trying to f me up.

I finally realized that she was.

I asked her, THE HEAD NURSE, to stop, and get someone else.

A Korean woman came in, in one swift movement withdrew blood from my arm and said "hmmm" as she did it.

I wish I still had the photo I btook of my arm the next day. BLACK ALL OVER. For like a week.

All because I didn't want Tylonol or whatever.

Fuck you, Rahway Hospital. And your head nurse.

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