Can we start calling EoTL "The Nightmare before Smissmas"?

To be completely honest, I think it's bullshit that Valve, instead of giving us a polished gift, gave us a buggy mess. I don't even have to explain why that is a bad concept, basically, the thing they did was give us an update that is a gimmicky gamemode [remember Doomsday? Of course you don't, because barely anyone plays it. Remember when they added the nocrit option? A year or so late past what people wanted. Arena? This will turn out the same]

Maybe I wouldn't care, but Smissmas gave us 3 weapons, 2 of which are mediocre and unoriginal [ideas that have been around on this sub for so long that even woodie woodpecker wouldn't be able to chop down that tree] and then one, slightly better but still unoriginal weapon that is ok but isn't good enough to use other than stock. My reason behind saying they are mediocre comes from the fact that the shotgun works based on you being hit from something you didn't see coming, but really, before you can load up the shots, a soldier or demo or scout or pyro or heavy or sniper or spy will kill you before you can load up 4 shots to even survive, but if you use it before they get to you... Well then you have a problem with the reloading taking way too long for you to kill them, and there's no gurantee of tha becuase you would only be able to kill most light classes.

I'm not even going to touch on the demo weapons, since, again, they are super unoriginal and, thanks to the demo nerfs, are kinda not as good as they could be.

Finally, demo nerfs... That are OK, that's good right? Well, I guess, since it's good for pubbers.

But I guess I get to the core of my grievance, this update and EOTL and the past like 12 updates have only been for pubbers, the new gamemode? It's not competitive at all, it's quite literally a mosh pit like randomizer, but doesn't make sense since, unlike randomizer, you have to kill someone to get ahead in the battle. And if you do kill the invincible mini sentry engie or pyro or heavy with a medic up his rectum, you now have to survive long enough to make use of what you just gained, and there is no gurantee that what you have will even help your class. Spy with the shield? You can be seen while cloaked [possibly bugged] Pyro with precision? Yeah, your flare goes a little bit faster and that's it. You see what I'm getting at here? Instead of trying to foster the Comp scene for TF2 like they did with the comp scene for CS:GO or DOTA 2, they hand us a few weapons, a few new "maps" and a messy, terribly designed, mario party gamemode with grappling hooks.

I'm mad, because it's obvious that they don't care about the more serious players of TF2, and that's fine, it's Valve, they own the game, they can do what they want, but I for one will probably stop playing this game at all when Overwatch comes out because, let's face it, Valve doesn't give a single poop about me or anyone else in comp anymore, or debatably ever had. If they truly cared, and saw the potential TF2 has to be serious and dumb fun, they would have added something by now that fosters 9's or 6's or 4's or ultiduo, but they haven't. I think I see where Star_ is coming from, his dislike of this update isn't totally unfounded.

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