Can Steam please stop letting games use Thumbnails(?) like this, especially on the front page?

This is not underage porn. These eyes are specialy made in anime, one of the reason why this art style is called ANIME not your shitty cartoon.

I've seen anime lolicon ("underage") porn, because I had to look at an report from another user in a forum and I must say, that this Visual Novel is harmless. It's even more harmless than a more famous anime called "Highschool DxD", which has Ecchi (aggresive outlining of boobs and sometimes vagina, rarely actions with boobs more then twice.)

This visual novel is even more harmless than a hentai, a porno in anime style. I've seen shit and I know shit and downvoting for my knowledge is interesting, but in this society, no wonder. Especially in America, things like that get heaten up really bad. If you just have some video, that contains black lives matter, like a prank, you still get hate, even tho you said nothing against it. Atleast on reddit you got some free speech (everybody) wants, but it's still bad that you get - karma, just for telling the truth and not pushing their agenda with prejudices, for example that anime is only porn or is only for kids, like in this case. Just because they have DD cups in the thumbnail, this is porno? They're just visible drawn, hell, even in reallife you can see those outlines most of times. Anime is more closer to reallife, than any cartoon shit is. (in terms of characteristic, atleast)

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