Can we stop calling Mirror Image "incest twins?"

These kind of immature actions should stop by next Tuesday.

Plus, we have these judges...

  • Simon - my favorite by far but he is way too obsessed with singers; his criticism on Sammulous rekt the fuck out of his chances
  • Heidi - 2nd favorite by a landslide but she does not get a few least she has the courage to criticize occasionally
  • Mel B - gets amazed so easily and seems to have a consistent following of quirky acts that anyone can do
  • Howie - extremely too light-hearted...I can't remember a time he ever criticized
  • DJ Khaled - some people really like him but I am personally not a favorite...he would say shit like "in order to be smart you have to be stupid"...literally became famous from a meme. I am not surprised he liked Ed Sheeran 2.0's lyrics "original I tell you!1!!1!111!6969" Nevertheless, I don't think he influenced their decision to move on Mirror Family; he didn't really have any opinion on them

It shouldn't be a shock that the people who moved on are judges' favorites and 50% of them being young singers (seriously, how the fuck does a kid do a show in Las Vegas?)

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