Can we stop pretending that DICE is the devil?

I have no idea how people are saying that this looks like a re-skinned version of battlefield. This look nothing like battlefield at all. Also, it should be noted that they are calling this Battlefront (not Battlefront 3), for a reason. It's not a sequel to Battlefront 2, it's a reboot. In the battlefield games DICE got slammed for trying to incorporate way too much and throwing everything together without having a really good balanced, stable, and polished core gameplay. So with Battlefront they really did a narrow focused approach trying to make the core gameplay as good as possible instead of trying to just throw a ton of unfinished, rushed features in. Personally, I really like the direction they are taking the game in and I understand every decision they made. To address a few of the things you mentioned, so far we only know that the AT&T on that one specific endor level is probably on rails. In the gamemode that makes complete sense and having it player-controlled would be annoying and gameplay-breaking. There aren't space battles at launch, and although it might come later as DLC, more than likely EA is waiting to make an entire Star Wars space combat game. They have already said they plan to do this so there is so point trying to push a rushed version in Battlefront when an entire game for it is coming. 4 Planets is fine with me because it hits all the most important planets of the original trilogy, plus there will be more than 2 maps per planet. This battlefront is all about playing homage to the original trilogy as we transition to the force awakens. This new era of star wars is all about leaving the prequel trilogy behind and building off the original trilogy, so it's no surprise that the clone wars era is not included.

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