Can we stop with GC posts and comments?

It's not possible to respond to every post here and I am not interested in fanning flames.

  1. I have no intention of letting this sub get taken over by anyone.
  2. I have no intention of censoring anyone. Just trying to create a space for lesbians that everyone can enjoy. Many people don't want to see constant GC postings. Just as you don't want to see posts about girldick. It is possible to talk about other things that do not include these two topics.
  3. I know we're a current target of hate groups wanting us to get shut down. I was just asking for support and cooperation to not give them fodder.
  4. There are 7,358 members of this sub. There are 7,358 different opinions. Some of you don't like me or what I'm trying to do here. Some of you do. I have no control over either.
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