Can’t believe this is even a question. Just goes to show selfish men can really be.

Selfish people should stay out of relationships tbh. I step away from people the moment I see a lack of basic decency. I’m a giver so I need a giver, I refuse to be with someone who sees my kindness as vulnerability to be exploited. I taught a guy I was seeing(he had a well paying job) how to drive in my car FREE of cost mostly to keep him out of my place because he would get grope-y. I hadn’t developed the critical thinking and ability to just say no like I have now. We stopped at a waffle place at night, I had forgotten my wallet or I would’ve paid for myself, and this fucker couldn’t dole out money for two waffles. He was like let’s share so I told him I wasn’t hungry because I was so shocked at his stingy behaviour so he ate it himself. Oh god. The humiliation I’ve put myself through, I want to slap myself sometimes. Call me the idiot I was.

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