We can’t be having that!

look, I don't give a fuck anymore i was never too passionate about this sub, i still retain the exact same beliefs and no amount of downvotes can change that, it's ironic that this place has become so hate filled, it's an immense circlejerk but then again, this is reddit, and it's not because it's an anime community that it's going to be any different, i just saw the weird memes about the new rule and went to check it out, i thought it made 100% as a rule and was a positive change, but then i saw the comments, tbh i got pretty sad seeing that, i saw people saying that it won't change anything, which might be true but still is an attempted, i saw people talking about political correctness ruining the sub, and overall o lot of people who didn't like the change, i did see lots of people happy that the change happened and that to me is enough to make it a good change, before the rule i don't even remember seeing a single meme using the t-word, i do have a poor memory but all of the fuss seems pretty unwarranted, then i decided to look in the new tab to check how varied the opinions were, and i couldn't find a single post in favor of the change, i did see some neutral or unclear posts, but i thought maybe the comments would have some people giving their opinions, nope all the same, just people who are throwing their hate at the mods, and talking about the sub being ruined because of a word, it was a really depressing sight, i commented my opinion on some and all i got were a few people disagreeing, but of course mostly just downvotes, i entered this sub because a friend recommended me some animes and i loved most of them, i wanted to enter a place to see memes about it, but now all i see is hate left and right, i know how i might sound "uh i am offended can't talk or ban", i get it, but all i really want to say is that i saw people who enjoyed the change, i am not trans, and i have no idea of my sexuality or anything like that, i am of the idea that it doesn't really matter what i like, it's def not liking me back, i have no place to tell what is and what isn't offensive, i was hoping for a more divided community at this point, i don't think a place were everyone hates who is in power is a nice place at all, i'll get off the sub and i know i won't be missed, i might come back some time later, but i probably won't, this wasn't a nice first impression and im starting to think of getting off reddit as a whole at this point, all i really wanted was animemes, but now i only see the members being assholes the mods being assholes and nothing of really good enough to outweigh the rest, i disagree with your opinion, and i know that a different opinion is enough to get downvotes, i hope this sub do better for everyone who will stay than it did for me, avoid hating, and good night.

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