I can’t do it, I’m addicted

Food is like a drug addiction and most can’t go cold turkey. Doing a detox can help curve your cravings but IMO it won’t last very long. I was obese at one point and I loved fast food and anything that’s basically unhealthy. My approach was taking it slow and steady. Consistency is key ! At the beginning I started exercising, nothing crazy just cardio 5-6x a week for 30 min max. I would still eat out all the time but I started to cut out little things. I started with drinks; sodas, juices, smoothies, etc. They have a lot of empty calories. So yes I would still go to McDonald’s and order a mean but with a water instead of soda. Eventually I started to order smaller sides, like small side of fries instead of medium or large. Then I completely removed the sides and just had the main entree (burger, nuggets, sandwich, etc) with my water. Then slowly I started to incorporate healthier entree choices. The thing is people go on DIETS or detoxes and loose weight but they’re habits don’t change so they go back and gain the weight. It’s a never ending cycle. The way to think about it is do a lifestyle change, slowly and consistently. Something that is more permanent and like I said sustainable. One thing I wished someone would have told me is the importance of strength training. As I mentioned above I only did cardio. I would now recommend to split it, 3 days cardio and 3 days strength training. Nothing crazy just spend 30 min a day working out along with better eating habits and it’ll go a long way and it’ll stay off !! For reference I went from 180lbs to 103lbs at my lowest. It took me about 2 years but now 8 years later I have been able to maintain a weight of 110-115lbs. I eat much healthier and I am much happier as well. Good luck !! Hope this helps.

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