You can’t look at my chart - interesting patient situation

I work with anorectal patients and currently have a proctalgia patient. She is also working with GI for severe constipation and neurology for an undetermined neurological issue causing ataxia and spasms (they are leaning towards a rare syndrome that a recent famous singer was diagnosed with). She mycharted me wanting me to switch around some medications and I referenced her recent neurology and pelvic floor PT visits (done within our health system so I can see all the notes easily), and she said she only wanted me to go off of what she says and not look at the other providers notes. So I just called her and said I couldn’t do that because all our care overlaps and I can’t treat her without working with the rest of her team. She accepted this after some light coaxing. This has happened a couple times before, and always with patients who have a lot of providers located in many different health systems who get a lot of second opinions and who may or may not have some kind of ulterior motive.

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