Why can’t my mienshao do ranked singles?? Thank you! Move set is Uturn, Drain Punch, Fakeout and reversal.

depending on what you could go high jump kick reckless to absolutely destroy anything that doesnt resist it or if you want to use life orb and have it be offset by drain punch cc or close combat and regenerator. close combat still hits hard and is more consistent. drain punch usually wont cut it. fake out also is rather niche because it makes fairys and absolute nightmare for this set poison jab to catch clefs (i play ou this thing is dumby thicc) or any fairys. reversal is another move that i cant really vouch for as regenerator will actively work against you so maybe knock off or rock slide would be nice. another option is swords dance instead of uturn to set up and potentially break defensive pokemon that may give ur team trouble.

tldr high jump kick, poison jab, knock off, and swords dance with the reckless ability to absolutely wreck face. items i recommend is life orb or lefties if you want to set up on passive walls. bulk up instead of swords dance works too for the lefties variant or

close combat, uturn, poison jab and knock off for a pivot set with regenerator. life orb for full damage set or assault vest for a defensive pivot if you want to run defensive ivs. rock slide for this set is nice as volcarona is a massive threat.

you can decide what you need

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