Can we talk about ASMR?

We can whhhhissssper about it...

lol wonderful.

but the biggest common denominator I have found is that there's a lot of whispering going on

That may be true in GWA, but quite often (if not most of the time) ASMR recordings don't even feature voices at all. I would say approximately 1/2 of the ASMR recordings you would find on youtube have no talking...or maybe 30 seconds of talking out of 10 min of audio.

Now you're saying that doesn't count? Is it because it's not really ASMR or because it has become such a cliche already?

Maybe the latter.

For example, lets say 50% of all recordings on GWA included whispering and were given the [ASMR] Tag.

Meanwhile lets say someone was hoping to find some more traditional ASMR sound effects (tapping, rubbing, scratching, popping mouth sounds, etc. etc.) and tried to do a search for ASMR.

How pleased to you think he or she would be with the results when they get 300 results that have nothing to do with ASMR except the person is whispering part of the audio.

My concern is that in the same way that the post [Daddy] isn't effective because it incorporates [DD/lg], or just the word, or actual incest.... [ASMR] Isn't going to be an effective tag in the end if 70% of the GWA audios could be called ASMR.

One might as well use an [Erotic] tag for how useful it would be. lol

It all seems very subjective. :/

Sure is. And I don't want to be the one to decide. But I think there should be a discussion about it even if something is unofficially mentioned before everything under the sun is called ASMR.

Doesn't have to be human-made. A good example, imo, is a glass of soda being poured!

I should have been more clear. I still consider that sound human made.

As opposed to an ELECTRONIC sound produced by a computer.

A person is still pouring the soda into the glass.

A person is still using a wooden stick to scratch fabric.

A person is still using their hands to wrinkle paper....or whatever.

I find all those very different from electronically produced tones and beats.

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