Can we talk about being guilt tripped for wanting to be feminine?

It's just the laws of societal physics like the laws of real world physics.

You're getting an insanely unfair deal in the modern world. Trust me, redpill women of this sub would be the first ones to burn their bras if the world goes back to the way it was in 50s.

You're essentially getting the best of both worlds. You're getting the independence, respect, men are starting to take care of their bodies as well, safer and equal workplaces, and what not.

Tradcon housewife is your fantasy only because you're living in a liberal world. Otherwise it would have been something you're gonna have to put up with. Of course you're going to face some criticism just the way the water pushes you back if you try and swim upstream. Because the liberal women are working hard, you're getting the redpect as an extension to that. Your life is also way too unfairly easier compared to the average man or even a redpill man unless he's the top 1%er. Imagine the mental gymnastics a redpill man has to go through to treat the woman at his home like a delicate flower after being bossed around by his female boss at work.

My advice : Count your lucky stones while hiding them from the public view. You really don't wanna diss the liberal world in the hopes of going back.

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