Can we talk about women commenting on genitals in bed and problems cumming?


Thank you for joining in on brainstorming for perspectives on this issue on my behalf.

It isn't a problem I have.

I remember encountering a guy like this a web board 10 years ago that I used to read. Nice guy, helped run the place. He was intercourse virgin and was determined to stay that way. He was terrified of getting a woman pregnant.

People on the forum listed the impressive statistics for the various forms of birth control out there. People even seriously suggested getting a vasectomy and using a condom on top of that. He would have none of that. He repeatedly asked if there was any birth control method with 100% effectiveness and then when people answered honestly he reiterated his position. He was intelligent enough to understand the explanations of how there is no such thing as 100% in that area and just how safe he really was.

Everyone has their head trips.

Mine is hitting the jackpot with two adult women who failed to have an adult woman's understanding of men and sex.

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