Can you tell me what's bad about this SRS thread? Everyone seems very reasonable.

They should not be taught in segregated schools as they are in some places in Europe.

They'd had to sent their children to school in the first place.

They should not be treated as second-class citizens just for being Romani.

They aren't, until they go full retard in the ways I have described before.

Otherwise, what is your point? Do you want to exterminate them like Hitler tried to? Do you want to have your own genocide?

For someone claiming to be a good person you sure have alarming amounts of thoughts about genocide and other nasty stuff...

I volunteer at homeless shelters. I'm involved in local organizations that work to help people. I donate to Women's shelters. There are lots and lots of charities that try and help people the best that we can. Do you not have charities in your country?

Charities is where I got my views. I worked with convicts, we tried to show them how to get back on track in society after they leave prison. We told them how to write CVs, where to look for the job, how to start their own company, where they can get help after they leave the prison, we even searched for a job for them while we were unemployed (and we got some people interested in hiring them). It was all for naught, in 3 years none of them was employed despite our best efforts. Then I donated to the poor (locally), but I saw how irresponsible they are with money and how they always come back for more so I stopped. I also learned more about the inner workings of charities and how they get to keep most of the money. Fuck them.

Personally, I believe that those who have the ability to help others have a duty to help others. A moral responsibility to help your brothers and sisters.

This sounds like communism.

If you help the "brothers and sisters" you speak of they start seeing you as someone exploitable or as a walking ATM. They never return the favours and they can be real nasty when you refuse (especially homeless people), since they start thinking that they're entitled to your help at all times. Speaking from experience here.

But what if "what you can do" is limited because of your race?

It isn't. There's a ton of successful minorities in every area you can think of. Some areas are even overrepresented by minorities - NBA teams are a good example (wait, how come? Where is muh diversity?!)

What if society generally prefers one skin color or culture over another?

But it doesn't, you're the one who sees everyone around you as racist.

What if, for centuries, the society has been preferring that one skin color over your own, and practically everyone from your skin color has become accustomed to life in poverty and the crime and other problems that come with poverty?

In my country we have a saying - "not my circus, not my monkeys". I refuse to be held accountable by atrocities and wrongdoings committed by people in the past, especially since these are people I have nothing to do with.

The efforts to change that are these programs like Affirmative Action, and other minority-preferred programs that are an effort to allow Minorities to participate in society, and to make some money, so that they can pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

You do realize that AA actually contributes to broadening the gap? People aren't stupid, they know that thanks to AA minorities have easier time in uni and jobs, so they look at them as undereducated and unqualified for the job - and it's rightfully so. Think about it, who will have more experience and knowledge: a worker that is there only to fit the quotas or someone who got in legitimately? If you had a major surgery, would you like to be operated by someone with a tons of experience or someone who doesn't have nearly as much?

Like, for instance, going shopping. A black person will be watched more closely by the staff of the store than a white person will be. They may even be followed around the store. Things like that happen all the time. Imagine going through life not being trusted even just browsing the aisles at a store! Imagine what that's like on a daily basis, to be followed around a department store, when all the white customers aren't. Imagine what that feels like. And how discouraging it is. You would think to yourself, "Is all of this work that I'm doing to support myself worth it, if I still have to face this on a daily basis?"

How overly dramatic and one sided, if you would throw some insults or violence it would be a nice /r/thathappened material. I could make a counter-argument to that with stats and incarceration rates, but at this point I'm not willing this can of worms and you'd probably cry about biases and opreshun anyway.

Ahh, so you're saying that the rich don't benefit from the work of the poor? You're saying that the rich don't benefit from slave wages? You're saying that the rich don't benefit from keeping a working class down?

Of course they are, but this is race independent. Greedy people doesn't care from where they get the money from.

Yes. They are exceptional.

If someone refuses to strive towards greatness then no wonder that only a life of poverty and misery awaits him. I have no respect for such people.

You would think that, if you're ignoring the fact that they would not have these opportunities otherwise, due to the color of their skin.

That would imply that without these programs it's impossible for these people to even live and walk on this earth, which isn't the case at all.

Maybe if you met some of them, you could open your heart and understand, and join forces with us against the rich, white, upperclass that keeps trying to keep them down.

Holy shit, you sound like some cartoon villain. Also isn't the super rich upper class the very source of stuff like AA?

You don't understand what you're talking about. Yes, on the face of it, it sounds unequal. But if you knew the truth of the situation, you would see that it is not.

The truth is that you're just making excuses for lazy and incompetent people and use racism as your shield to deflect criticism.

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