You can try to talk to me, but I’m thinking of your BeHaVioUraL InCOngRuITy

A little rant but I used to hangout with someone like that. At first she was normal but, after a few books and videos (BBC Sherlock Holmes), she kept analyzing everything. She kept bragging about how good at manipulating people she was. Always telling me things like "By the way you walk, I can tell that you're thinking about how you could be on my level of thinking." She was a huge hypocrite. When I tried to psychoanalyse something she calls me pretentious and annoying.

Whenever I call her out on it, everyone goes on her side. I call her manipulative and everyone I know goes around calling me a clown and such. She liked calling herself that and bragging about it but, when I say anything, I'm the villain. Fucking sucks dude.

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