Can we get /u/phouza to step down as mod? He's an idiot

Hi /u/pottersground,

First of all, if you want to discuss stuff of this matter you could've just messaged us or give feedback instead of spewing this onto a public forum. But because you did that, I'll do my best to actually explain and proof some stuff and I hope you see things from a different perspective after reading this.

To start this off, you're saying that I in particular cut people out from posting content to /r/Eminem at the time of a new release. I want you to understand, while it happened one time, where we were coming from and why we did it once (Like /u/Shroomsoup said, it was a joint decision). The first time I got a lot of bad press was around the time of the release of The Marshall Mathers LP2. If you want to read the post i'm talking about, here it is. For those not being able to open the link, basically what happened was that people were getting banned for posting leaks to the album that wasn't out yet at the time. I have to admit that, even after explaining Shoom and my decision, that wasnt a smart move and as a result, nobody has been banned for a similar kind of incident since then.

Going from thatw the one time We've actually cut people out from posting a video was with the release of the Headlights video. That decision was made after getting A LOT of complaints during previous releases that the sub was getting flooded really quick with fake and double posts to all kinds of weird sources. Keeping people from posting hasnt happened since the release of Headlights. Everytime I removed a legit post that was the first one linking to the original source by accident, It got resotred.

I don't even want the points you get for posting links. Why do you care so much about them? One reason I did remove a legit link it was to keep the sub from flooding. And because I had the MMLP2 debacle still fresh in the back of my head, I already saw comments like the one you're making now coming from a far. That's why we actually looked into getting a bot that posts a link to /r/Eminem everytime the official youtube channel posts a new video. Sadly, that didnt work out in time (Thats why I posted it myself eventually). Sidenote: If someone want to help us get such a bot, please let us know.

So, shouting I keep everyone from posting everytime there is a new release isnt true and fair to say. Even at the time we did that with Headlights, we had (still do) a list of approved posters that will always be able to post content.

That you don't see Shroom's name here often, doesnt mean he doesnt moderate this sub. He doesn'tt have to post tons of stuff to be a great mod. Every decision was a joint one.

And with the fake ban on April Fools yesterday... Calm down man. It was only up for 4 hours to mess with you guys since few sub messing around too and the sub was still accessible via and all the apps that are available. No need to get mad over such a thing on April fools day of all things! ;)

So the next time you immediately spew stuff like this onto a public forum saying I damage it, please think about it and message me or Shroom with feedback instead of doing this.

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