Canada Could Abolish Poverty With A Basic Income

How many people are employed in the transportation industry that are about to be replaced?

If we look at every single automation technology in the past we see that it never leads to permanent mass unemployment, only changes the markets and industries where people work.

Mcdonalds and grocery stores are already using screens to order instead of people. Machines are now being used in warehouses and in hotels. They have machines that can watch what you do, and then do it.

But again, this has not led to a decrease in the total working force.

Mass unemployment isnt as far off as you might think.

I have seen the video, and I love it. But I think most of those predictions could have been made during the 60s, 70s, 80s etc... and it never happened.

General AI and mass automation are real technologies that will exist, but they could be another century out for all we know. IMO, its best to wait until there is really evidence of the revolution. Once we are at 20% unemployment, I will change my mind.

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