Canada is overdue for a reckoning with its anti-black racism | Tayo Bero | Opinion

This happened in Edmonton why is it being stated that all of Canada is at fault. I dont think the people of NWTs had any political sway in how the province of Alberta happened in recent elections. I am sure that most of those people had nothing to do with voting in the people in charge of the province of Alberta, the city of Edmonton and that school board. Instead of blaming all of Canada for the way the people in that jurisdiction treated somebody maybe start at that jurisdiction instead of trying to pass the blame off onto the native people in NWTs or the people in New Brunswick or British Columbia, many of whom have had nothing to do with the people or culture of Alberta, let alone been to Alberta. Canada is a big country that is like saying that the people of Romania are partly responsible for how someone was treated by police in Portugal. It is evident that many of the people in Newfoundland did not vote along the same lines federally as the people in Alberta. If the people of Newfoundland are responsible for What happened in Edmonton then I bet the provinces political parties in power would be the same but they are not so stop lumping everyone together because of one incident in a city far away from everyone else.

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