Canada Pledges $50 Million For Palestinian Refugees After Trump Cuts Aid

Jesus Christ, learn some facts

The case in Canada that was stopped because it was costing tax payers too much, was the case in which he was suing the Canadian govt over human rights violations. It had nothing to do with terrorism charges. Also there was still no guilty verdict and now you are making excuses as to why. I guess with you, if they are white, not guilty, but if their skin is different, who cares what a court says, its guilty no matter what.

You were the one that brought his father into this. I never saw any relevance to that. How dense are you? I clearly already stated, his father has nothing to do with his own case, but you continue to bring him up.

Also he pleaded guilty after torture. I wonder how long you would last being tortured before admitting to something you didnt do.

Again, I, like you do not know if he did or did not do anything wrong, but a Canadian court said there was insufficient evidence, because the law says beyond a reasonable doubt (including minorities). Thus he was innocent. Stop making excuses.

Again, learn to read and look at facts, stop making them up. This isnt the bowling green massacre.

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