Canada Post never delivers packages

Our old postie retired so we got a new one assigned to our route.. Since the new one started, packages stopped being delivered.. Fortunately the super mailbox is across the street and within view of my surveillance cameras... After a few instances of "well, my wife was home all day and we still got a notice, and there were no footsteps in the skiff of snow up to the steps", I called Canada Post. Got the supervisor for our area and she said "oh no, they would have no reason not to deliver packages. It's far more trouble to fill out a notice card, drop it in your box, and then drop the parcel at the depot. Your wife must not have heard the doorbell." ... I responded with "I have surveillance video of the truck driving up to the super mailbox and then driving away and nobody came to our door" the supervisor said "oh REALLY? Can you send me that footage?" ... She called back a couple days later and said that wouldn't happen again... It continued to happen so I called again and she said "well sorry sir; there's nothing I can do about that. He's an independent contractor so there's nothing I can do about it"... The latter part made no sense... About a year later we got a new postie on our route and now packages get delivered to our door again.

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