Canada Post strike eminent

A union holding MY mail hostage for how many weeks? No thanks.

Richmond, BC sorts ALL my weed mail, ever. It already goes through Richmond.

So as much as you keep bringing up the "Reality" of what they are sorting, it doesn't AFFECT ME.

Health Concerns now? Oh jeez. Hire staff that are young and fit, put limits on mail carrying, make fitness training MANDATORY. Oh wait, we can't do that... discriminatory... so lets just have "rotating strkes" and threats every few years. Seems legit.

I remember hearing about how CP went down the tubes, now they post record profits. Then it was equal pay for Rural Workers. Now its health concerns of their workers? You lost the plot.

The heart of the dispute has to do with how postal workers in urban and rural areas are paid. Urban letter carriers are paid by the hour while their rural counterparts are paid based on the size of their route, which clocks in at less than the carriers make being paid hourly. (Sept 12, 2018 - Global NEWS).

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