Canada’s brain-injured Cuba diplomats speak out about Ottawa’s silence

It is the view of several of the diplomats that Ottawa is avoiding public statements and investigations into the brain injuries because Canada, in contrast to the United States, considers it strategically important to maintain a comparatively close relationship with Cuba’s Communist regime, for trade and political reasons.

For people that experienced some trauma this is an understandable reaction, but as another user pointed out there is little to no info about what actually happened in Havana.

Frustrated diplomats can make statements about why the believe the government takes/doesn't take action, but in the absence of any evidence of an intentional attack on the embassy, or really any explanation whatsoever, it's a pretty big jump to go from "we don't know what happened and aren't making statements" to "we are intentionally not perusing Cuba because we want a UNSC seat" . The RCMP and FBI both investigated and came up with nothing.

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