Canada’s Conservatives under fire for promoting “election rigging” conspiracy theories echoing Trump - ThinkPol

I don't support a specific party but I am more "conservative" in my views on capital expenditure and economics. I have conservative people in my social circle but none of us ever post on social media or the internet because most conservatives on the internet are idiots that run based on fear-tactics and personal opinion rather than facts and because anything even slightly conservative is shat on by people on the left. It's nearly impossible to have a civil conversation with anyone from either side and respecting each other's viewpoints on mainstream social media platforms (Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc).

For what it's worth, I am pro-choice, pro-LGBT, and align with the left on most things. However, when it comes to government spending, QE, taxes+tax utilization, social welfare initiatives and other things, I am more conservative.

I also think all of the current choices for Canadian federal party leaders are crappy choices. Most recently, I thought Jack Layton, Stephen Harper, and Jean Chretian were all good choices for a leader. Singh, Trudeau, and O'toole are all crapshoots.

This is the first time I am posting my political views on reddit and I doubt anything productive will come out of it.

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