Canada-U.S. agree to extend border restrictions by 30 days: sources

Is this really how this sub is gonna go now?

So if someone doesn't "believe" something to be true, they'll be banned? Wtf?

And you belittle them by saying "this user doesn't know any better"?????

WHY are you trying to control the narrative? (not that I believe any of the bullshit he spewed AT ALL)

Free speech, huh?

What about the asshole that told me to suck Trump's cock?

Or that same poster who runs around here screeching like a fucking lunatic banshee that anyone who criticizes Trudeau has "Trump's cock down their throats?"

Or the one that posts racist shit in here 24/7?

Or the one that fights with anyone and everyone, just because?

Please tell me this sub isn't turning into Coronavirus 2.0

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