US to Canada. Wife is a nurse/nurse practitioner


I just had a brain flash.......Your brother was born IN Canada ???

If so he IS a Canadian citizen by birthright. He is your key to getting here. He can ( after he secures his proof of citizenship by applying for his citizenship, based on his Canadian birth certificate ) then sponsor YOU and your WIFE, under the family sponsorship visa program.

I kid you not. Call your brother, to night and ask him if he has a Canadian birth certificate ??. Even if he does not have one now...he can apply to get one. Your Mum can help with the specific details ( what hospital, what place, was a BC issued ) , and does she still have it ??

It is your lucky day, my friend.

Jump up and down and tell your Wife.

Now, lets understand that this will not happen over night...BUT it will happen, if what you told me is true. Why would you lie ?

You have to keep me advised about this. Do you have SKYPE capability ? I would live to talk to you, and help you to get this organised. I live in Toronto, and I am retired so I have the time to help you.

Man you are going to start a whole new life.

Jim B.

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