Why do Canadians think they are so much better than Americans and everyone else?

I could give you a detailed answer if you really wanted, but the super simplified answer is that Canada has a weird brand of patriotism that is built on pointing out all the ways we aren't like the USA... including not being super patriotic. I remember learning multiple times in school about things like the pledge of allegiance being recited in US public schools, only focusing on American history and not learning even world geography, religion being allowed in public schools, etc. and it being heavily implied how that type of extreme patriotism ties into fascism. So, I think a lot of Canadians just turned it around to the extreme and convinced themselves their pride in not being prideful because they're Canadian is not douchey but it still is (I do think it's less harmful than flags, pledges, and other institutionalized patriotism, though).

There's so much more to it, but yeah. Canadians can be pretty big assholes and also in denial about our country. We definitely can't pull off socialism like some European countries while also not pulling off capitalism like the US... we try to be both but can't quite cut it because of various economic, geographic, and cultural differences across the country. But, we have a chip on our shoulder about the US and have built a lot of our identity around where we've succeeded and they've failed.

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