Cancer actually a mutation that increases brain function?


Suggested intelligence correlates are in the form of convolutions, interconnections between the corpus collosum and neocortical structure.

Furthermore, you haven't specified what type of cancer? I have heard of a paracrine/endocrine mimicking tumour (Australian spelling) which correlates to neoplasms acting as paraendocrine glands. How would that structurally have an effect on the neuroplasticity?

Lets have a look at neurological changes in patients with paraneoplastic syndrome.

Under 'Neurological' changes we can see,

Which are ion-channelopathies and auto-immune pathologies.

Tell me, where does the plasticity occur to boost brain function? How are you measuring '40%'

Unless, lets say the Cancers don't elicit a neuroplastic response. Rather, some metabolite of a cancer system is acting upon, quotient based equilibria which would eventually de-regulate existing homeostatic body chemistry. I can foresee such a chain of events predominately leading to neurodegeneration.

Is this what is happening OP? Gimmie some peer reviewed articles bro, don't post conjecture otherwise no scientist will believe you!

(Nota bene -

an example of how cannabis utilised the existing endocannabinoid system to elicit neuroplasticity).

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