Cancer can be cured naturally and this has been known for decades already

My buddy beat stage 4 colon cancer with an all fresh meat diet. He had exhausted every modern therapy option and went into alternative medicines. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it myself.

He went from a single 28 year old with a "get your affairs in order" prognosis to a 35 year old with a wife and children because of this diet. We're close friends and Eskimo brothers since high school, so it's not like something I only saw on his blog.

The illness happened during our MBA classes, and he used his education to start up a company that pushed alternative medicines... he got bought out for tens of millions by big pharma and signed hosts of NDAs. He has a lot of resolve but they upped the offer until he couldn't refuse.

Both vegan and all meat seem to do the trick, so I think the real matter is eating pure in any fashion.

Meats or veggies or nuts without all the bullshit chemical additives we have that are already known to fuck with our systems.

Eating pure is expensive as fuck though. I don't do it, but if I come down with a cancer that's my first lifestyle change.

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