Cannabis compound could be weapon in fight against superbugs

people died of MRSA? Each year, 90,000 Americans suffer from invasive MRSA infection. About 20,000 die. In 2012, the last data point I could find, 392 british people died of MRSA.

Cannabis is like everything else with any power - it has the potential for abuse.

I hate it, I have seen drug addiction make mere shells of men who were much better than me. Not any more, I'm three times more the man (capable of handing responsibilities) than those lost souls.

But even still I want to legalise it as canada, USA, Mexico, Portugal, Germany (oh so 30g in your pocket being legal in Berlin doesnt count?enlighten me.)

Cannabis is a healing plant. If we can get past people enjoying the nirvana of the temporary stupor it offers, we can cure MRSA.

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