At Cannes, Christopher Nolan said he "couldn't get into film school"

It doesn't hurt or threaten me, it hurts and threatens the art and craft of filmmaking, because it dumbs it down to a shitty Youtube tutorial level.

This right here perfectly sums up everything.... You are upset because you are losing your sense of exclusivity. There are outsiders in your club. People that didn't face the hazing and rigors of entry. They just kinda walked in, and you don't like it. Because people can learn what you do for free on youtube... Even if they see something and it doesn't work as expected, maybe they will watch more, maybe they will network with others on there and here for that matter. Maybe they will figure great things out.

Bash it all you want, but it's not all shitty. Some most certainly is. Not all.

I wasn't being passive aggressive or smarmy. You should check the name of people leaving comments and replies first thing. I've had many an embarrassing situation when I haven't checked first.

Don't be insulting. Your whole Dunning-Kruger thing...That doesn't make you look good. Citing cognitive bias effects to prove points like this is kind of a gun with a barrel at both ends.

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