I cannot ask this girl out

Are you planning on asking her to be exclusive? Don’t do that. She will ask you to be exclusive if she wants that.

You need to give her a reason to and right now you aren’t. You are with her constantly and thinking about her when your not while she’s still scanning tinder for your replacement.

Get back on tinder and go on other dates if you’re not already. Become less available to her. Create some value in her eyes, and give her a reason to tie you down. Still hang out with her and be normal but scale it way back. Stop texting every day and don’t wait by your phone waiting for her. Match her emotional investment.

In general, a guy trying to convince a girl to be exclusive is a huge attraction killer for women as they usually have guys doing this their whole life. When a woman finds a guy she wants to be exclusive with, she makes him aware and does all the heavy lifting to make it happen.

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