I cannot say that I'm okay with posts of legitimate breastfeeding.

That's a valid opinion OP but I want to address some things. BTW guys please read this whole comment, I still side with the OP here, even if it doesn't seem like it at times.

but I can't ignore the trend I'm beginning to see with some of the posts here.

I only see one video of a mom breastfeeding, are there more?

Tell us why you agree, disagree, or just want to see lactating breasts.

As far as that one video is concerned, I couldn't even tell you what color the child's clothes were, I only cared about the woman's breasts... and the rest of her, too. Mmh! So my answer is that I "just want to see lactating breasts." Hot moms in yoga pants, too. And if she's a hot mom in yoga pants with her breasts willingly exposed in an outdoor setting? Home run, yo!

I've noticed in lactation communities like this one (of which there aren't many :P) that there's always some people who voice concerns of linking to content if it happens to have a kid visible, regardless of how the kid is involved (really, I've seen complaints over a YouTube video with a toddler's face being visible in the background for 7 seconds as a mom showed herself pumping), and they say that these links should be deleted because they're in an "adult forum" I guess they mean it's "inappropriate".

I've also seen other people that are afraid of or against linking to public videos with a kid in them because they're afraid of the law!, they say it "could be illegal", as if the FBI will be at their doorstep because linking to breastfeeding moms is a serious crime (keep calm and carry on, that will never happen... my god. You're more likely to see CNN arrive at your door step, meanwhile the men in black will never even see your name... which brings me to my next point. next paragraph.), I really think that the majority of people in communities like this one (lurkers & active users alike) don't feel triggered (not saying the OP got triggered, but I saw somebody in another lactation forum get really mad about it! Kept running their mouth for pages) when such videos get linked. I think most people here, in this subreddit, would know why that one video I mentioned was posted. The woman is hot, she's already known for posting videos where she is massaging and expressing her milk in high volumes against a mirror, and in this particular video, her left breast has a letdown and the cameraman moves closer to focus on it. Look at her other videos, you will not be let down. Pun intended.

That said, Reddit communities are more vulnerable to sudden mob-attention (see: internet moral panic, the dumbest thing on planet earth. And twitter hashtags garnering keyboard-activism! Oh and see: Gawker & Anderson Cooper vs Reddit, that one time a Reddit moderator and father was doxed because he posted controversial yet legal photos). Mob-attention over things that are thought to be "iwwegal", even deemed "oppressive" (???), yet far from actually being illegal. So, a link to a video of a mom breastfeeding, posted in this subreddit, might be considered a reason for an internet mob to get out their pitchforks and yell out loud that a "underground fetish community," /r/lactation, has pedophiles in it . BY THE WAY, I get tired of hearing that crap. It's the reason why MyFreeCams bans models who lactate on camera! Seriously go look it up, lactation is in their list of banned activities right next to visible children, rape, weapons, human trafficing and WMDs! (I might've made up those last two things) Oh and like I said earlier, CNN might expose you to the world because you're "weird" for liking women, breasts and breast milk, so I totally get why some people want to avoid this attention!

Meanwhile, today, there are active subreddits for sharing photos of dead children. DEAD CHILDREN. Go look it up, but be warned, it's Not Safe for Life because THEY'RE BLOODY CORPSES. OF CHILDREN. meanwhile a video with a very interesting (hot) woman can't be shared even though the child visible in it couldn't be FURTHER from the focus of the viewer, but I understand why some people object to it.

I don't disagree with content moderation if the community wants it, that's why I side with the OP! Oh and I was going to write something here that urged the moderators to refrain from banning people indescriminately, but I forgot that our mods are cool. I arrived on this subreddit years ago and I remember seeing some of these mods' usernames back then actively posting stuff in this subreddit, when it got a lot less traffic. Thanks guys

And remember that lactation is (technically, heh) NOT for our entertainment and pleasure. It has a specific purpose, and when you twist that purpose (particularly during the observation of the purpose of which it exists), it can lead to some distorted views/thoughts in other parts of your mind, even in unrelated situations. (But that's none of my business).

I don't really get your point here

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