I can't believe people think this is real

I dunno, it seems pretty likely to me that Trump, a fascist with a long history of money troubles, would be quite willing to work with, and bring benefits to, Putin - a fascist with plenty of money. The only problem here is that liberals have somehow decided that this is communism at work, despite it being a pretty clear example of how capitalism can ruin lives: Trump loses money over time due to failed business ventures, ending up deep in debt and without an easy way out. Trump then feels compelled to engage in less conventional money-making schemes, such as informal loans from Russian oligarchs. Being an easily manipulated fool, from there it's fairly easy for Putin and pals to prod Trump into running for president, given that he has plenty of voices in Trump's ear. Even if Trump decided to run on his own, Putin certainly saw a presidential candidate who would disrupt a competing imperialist power by inflaming racism in white America - and also a presidential candidate who, if he won, would prove a useful pawn, since Trump already had plenty of ties with Russia and is easily swayed by flattery and money. He can then use this political influence in the US to attempt to shape US policy and remove sanctions. Additionally, Putin's ability to manipulate Trump is only enhanced by how much contact he has with him - he can whisper indirectly through proxies, and if Trump tries to rebel, Putin can simply threaten to leak out smoking gun evidence.

Now, of course, liberals will try to use Putin's machinations to justify a more aggressively anti-Russian stance, and at no point will they ever consider that their foolish nationalistic jingoism is going to cost them. However, the Democrats are ultimately incompetent, feckless fools - and even if they do grow enough of a spine to impeach Trump, the Republicans are so far beyond the point of caring what he does, so an impeachment conviction will never, ever happen. Even if it does, there's zero chance they have the political willpower to then try to remove Pence as well, as that would be improper. So the end result is basically 2 years of gridlock in Congress (supposing the Democrats don't fumble the mid-term elections, which they probably will because they're dinguses), which is just fine with Putin - basically 4 years of the main competitor to his imperialist ambitions doing nothing, if not actively abetting his efforts. And beyond that, a Trump impeachment will undoubtedly create a long-term fracture in American society, similar to the Civil War and the Confederate-revivalist KKK. Meanwhile, failure to impeach or meaningfully oppose Trump will only further disillusion people from the Democrats, who are incapable of ever abandoning their love of false civility, false centrism, et cetera.

In summary: Liberalism creates fascism, and is poised to do so again.

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