Why can't we discuss the deep web?

I asked you to read the discussion between deadman5551 and Marlzey in order to better understand the situation.

I have, and it reads like deadman5551 is being needlessly cautious over private chats. All of the subreddits he mentioned were banned because methods were linked and discussed. I like Marlzey's idea of contacting the admins and asking what they will not tolerate. Until then, you're just guessing, and you will air on the side of caution to avoid being banned.

Instead, what you need to understand and respect is the general spirit of the rules, even if it bothers your internal need for exactness and clarity in how the rules are defined.

Just rewrite them. Here, I'll do it for you:

  1. Limitations on personal info:

    No names

    No phone numbers

    No addresses or locations

    No time or date of attempts

  2. No pictures, videos, or descriptions of suicide

    (News and documentaries are allowed.)

  3. Do not discuss how to commit suicide.

  4. Do not link to websites that discuss suicide.

    Do not link to websites with suicide methods or resources.

    Do not link to websites containing links to any of the above.

  5. Do not ask to be contacted privately on or outside of reddit.

    Do not offer to be contacted privately on or outside of reddit.

  6. Do not make off-topic posts.

    Limit of 3 self-posts per 24-hours

    Do not advertise.

    No copypasta

  7. All rules are up to moderator discretion and may be changed at any time.

First of all, are you sure they've been explicitly given the green light by the admins to have them there, or do you think they just have them there anyway, and get away with it because those subs aren't scrutinized?

Yeah. An inside source has explained to me why those subs are monitored much closer than this one.

I'm trying to make you understand that it doesn't matter because we're already living on the edge and don't need to push the envelope further.

Why don't you post all correspondence with the admins to date and allow us to make that determination for ourselves?

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