I can't evade the cycle of abuse

Thanks. Well to list all of the problems would be very much so I will try to explain my main issues:
-I have no one, really no one that I am close to that I can confide in.
-I have a lot of social anxiety traits or even some other form of mental illness(-es)
-I do not have any degree or diploma and dont have a job.
-I have no idea what specific things I have to do in order to get away from here. (like, things where I actually have to
get off my ass go and do that will help make progress and not just theorize)
-I feel like im just floating around and am not able to take control of my life and make important decisions (most
likely due to my living conditions surrounded by manipulative and emotionally draining N's)

(I realy dont like saying "i" so much im sorry if it sounds narcissistic)

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