You can't get a refund if your digital game doesn't work? seems like a flawed system.

rian (10/26/2018, 7:31:18 PM): Hello, My name is Brian how may I assist you today?

Me (10/26/2018, 7:31:38 PM): hello, I was wondering if it is possible to get a refund on a digital copy of a game?

Brian (10/26/2018, 7:32:46 PM): Hi Robert! I will be more than glad to help you with your refund request today.

May I please have the next information?

-Reason for the refund request

-Name(s) of the content you need refund for

-Full name and phone number.

Brian (10/26/2018, 7:32:51 PM): We kindly ask you to reply every 2 minutes, to prevent the conversation from timing out.

Me (10/26/2018, 7:34:20 PM): Game kept freezing, I gave up trying to troubleshoot it, and bought a physical copy, which seems to be working fine. Red dead redemption 2, robert driscoll.

Brian (10/26/2018, 7:35:34 PM): Thank you so much for the information. Allow me a moment while I check some details in your account to see what options we can offer and if it is possible to process a refund.

Me (10/26/2018, 7:38:44 PM): ok

Brian (10/26/2018, 7:39:04 PM): Thank you so much for waiting, I was checking your account details and I was able to find that a previous refund request has been already processed under your account in the past for the same reason and for that reason we won’t be able to complete your request. I would like to share with you that all sales are final but we value our customers and sometimes we make a onetime gesture of goodwill, but is the only exception we can make. That is the reason why we cannot make a second exception.

Me (10/26/2018, 7:40:02 PM): the same reason of the software not working?

Brian (10/26/2018, 7:40:40 PM): Believe me that we understand that you need a refund, unfortunately, we are unable to process another refund in this situation as we have already made an exception under your account.

Me (10/26/2018, 7:40:57 PM): I remember a vr game not working a couple years ago.

Me (10/26/2018, 7:41:10 PM): but i've bought many, many games in that time.

Me (10/26/2018, 7:42:31 PM): Very weird policy. You could see based on the dollar amount ive spent on playstation games this isn't a con. Plus, i bought a hard copy.

Brian (10/26/2018, 7:42:58 PM): I’m really sorry I know this is not the outcome you were looking to get and I don’t feel like giving you bad news, I would like to offer you a different outcome but this is a process that I cannot override.

I'm very sorry that we are not able to complete your refund, and yes I can see you have PS plus and only for being a plus member right now you can get free games, full game trials and special discounts.

You can look for them in these links:

Discounted games:

Free full games:

Brian (10/26/2018, 7:43:10 PM): Besides that here you will find a list of free games for PS4, maybe you find something interesting.

Some of the good ones are let it die, dead or alive , H1Z1, paladins, fortnite and Brawlhalla. You will be saving some money because they were very expensive a few months ago.

Me (10/26/2018, 7:44:09 PM): LMAO. are you really shilling other purchases when I bought two of the same game because the digital version froze too much.

Me (10/26/2018, 7:44:20 PM): that can't be in your script???

Me (10/26/2018, 7:45:04 PM): I probably have all those, anyways. but thanks.

Brian (10/26/2018, 7:45:37 PM): I do understand your frustration because you are not able to get a refund when you have the physical copy, I place myself in your shoes and that is why I have tried to see if there is anything else to be done because I really want to help you but I was not able to override this process, I'm very sorry about this.

Me (10/26/2018, 7:45:52 PM): thanks for trying.

Me (10/26/2018, 7:47:48 PM): It is just a weird policy. You should be able to juxtapose the amount of purchases and time past from last refund. Digital goods are sometimes flawed. I've spent over a grand on playstation games since last refund.

Brian (10/26/2018, 7:48:46 PM): Thank you very much for your feedback, and understanding on this, your opinion and comments means a lot for us, and we really sorry that we are not able to complete your request, as much as I would love to do that, the system will not allow me to process a refund we really sorry. You may find more information about our terms and conditions by checking this website, section: “WALLET”:

Me (10/26/2018, 7:48:57 PM): thanks.

Brian (10/26/2018, 7:49:21 PM): I hope you find this information useful Robert, aside this request, is there anything else that I can try to assist you with?

Me (10/26/2018, 7:49:31 PM): nope. thanks for your help.

Brian (10/26/2018, 7:49:58 PM): I really wish you have an excellent rest of your day. Thank you for contacting PlayStation chat.

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